Ivy Tree Honey (Herbal Honey)



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Ivy Tree Honey is one of the best selling honey and the functions are the most and top. Other than it can helps increase our immune system, it can also relief sore throat and prevent cold and fever. Its nutritional value, anti-inflammatory and sterilization are higher than other ordinary honeys.


Eat directly a teaspoon in the morning before breakfast and one before bed time at night. Also you can mix with warm water, cold water or iced water with Ivy Tree Honey, but remember never use too hot water which is over 65 degree with all honeys because hot water will ruined all the nutrition inside the honeys. You can also store the honey water in a refrigerator for 3 or 4 days but only 1 day if you store in a room temperature. The quantity of honey with water is varied with different people, please adjust based on your personal favor.

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